Evolving Person

As a human, I am growing and ever-changing. I am not the same as I was yesterday, nor the same the day before last, and I won’t be the same tomorrow. I evolve each day, and I hope to never stop changing. However, with all of these changes, I am always dealing with new challenges and while also learning about my new strengths.

These past few months, I feel like I have lost touch with my foundation. So much so that some people even noticed the changes in me – someone close told me that I hadn’t been myself recently and that they were worried about me. I. WAS. SHOOK. I knew that I was feeling a bit off, but I thought I was fooling people. I started self-examining and over analyzing everything.

I called two close friends and asked them if I had changed and if so how. They said yes, but that it was what one would expect for a twenty year old trying to find himself. I realized that it’s okay for me to not have everything figured out right now, and that it is okay for me to change things about myself right now. This is the time to experiment and try new things!

So, I bleached my hair.

2019-07-25 19:24:32.125.jpg2019-07-25 19:24:32.125.jpg

That didn’t necessarily help my feelings of uneasiness, and it didn’t help me sleep at night.

I realized that I needed to get to the root of my uneasiness and really examine it. I realized I needed help. I felt like I was in a good place emotionally, but I did think I could still use someone to talk to. I knew that I needed help with my spiritual life as its has gone somewhat stagnant. I knew that I needed help reinvigorating the fire for blogging (because this website ain’t cheap).

Ultimately, I decided I needed a spiritual director and life coach. So I found one, and I am getting this food for my soul while also learning new ways to care for myself. Sometimes the first step is acknowledging you need help and being bold enough to invest in yourself.

If we believe our bodies are temples – places for God to inhabit – we must care for them with intentionality. Maybe you’ve been in a place where you feel stuck or just out of whack, maybe it’s time for you to reach out to a coach and see how they can help you reinvigorate your fire and invest in yourself. You only get one chance at this life in one body, so take care of it well.

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